About Me

Photography is my window to the world

I am very grateful that people love what I do. From hobby to Profession!

My name is Kevin Novart and I am a full time photographer making a living from my-favourite-thing-to-do.

Back in 2011, I stumbled upon a book from Annie Leibovitz in Shanghai. I truly did not know at that time but that moment changed my life. That book urged me to try and start taking photos  as I am pretty inspired by how Annie sees the world. I have been keeping on shooting things since then, and I’ve learned so much from when I started taking pictures until right at this moment.

As I am addicted in getting more pictures captured, of course with some additional compliments from people as a motivation. The ‘drive’ has begun to make me decide becoming a full time photographer in 2015. I have slowly built my confidence capturing people through the lens of my eyes that becoming into an income source that has enabled me to pursue more and more time to the point that I am currently a full time photographer.

You are more than welcome  if you have any inquiries about my service, which I would be happy to answer your questions if you have some.



Kevin Novart